Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Audiobook Review: Apprentice in Death by J.D. Robb

Series:     In Death #43
Pub. Date:Sept. 6, 2016
Publisher:Brilliance Audio
Narrator:Susan Ericksen
Length:13 hrs 6 min

It's January 2061, and Eve Dallas is still going strong, speaking for the dead in her role as a lieutenant for the New York Police and Security Department (NYPSD). With her team of homicide cops and billionaire mastermind husband, plus an eclectic group of friends, Eve Dallas is one of the most interesting characters in fiction today. This is definitely the most long-standing series that I have read, and one that I hope does not end anytime soon.

New York City is being terrorized by an LDSK... that's a Long Distance Serial Killer. Mass shootings are happening in very public and iconic locations Central Park, Times Square and Madison Square Gardens. Very precise and professional kill shots are taking against the unsuspecting people of the city, and the race is on for Eve and her team to identify the killers and take them down before more innocent people are hurt. The villains of this piece were both sad and sadistic - for both who they were and how they operated. The line is blurred a bit between master and apprentice, you will probably be shocked when the killing team is identified.

I found this particular crime spree to be poignant for situations we have seen in our own society over the last couple of years. Sadly, none of us are strangers news reports of mass killings across the globe. Oddly, as I am writing this review, I am watching NCIS and it has a similar plot to Apprentice in Death. Not with regard to the villain identity, but with long-range snipers terrorizing the community. It just goes to show how commonplace these crimes have become in our everyday lives.

There was not as much character growth for Eve in this story... probably because we saw so much of it in Brotherhood in Death. But I'm okay with that, I like following Eve through her cases even when her more personal stuff is not in the story. I particularly like watching Eve's mind work to get in the head of the killers, and watching her work suspects over in interrogation.

With Bella's first birthday party featured in this installment, we are seeing both Eve and Roarke interacting more with the kiddos. Though they are both still pretty terrified when it comes to holding Bella... it has me thinking baby thoughts for them. Will they or won't they... and when? I'm not much of a kid person myself, but I have to say that I am interested to see how Eve and Roarke would handle parenthood. And I think I would like to see Somerset doting over Roarke's son. I'm sure we'll see this happen at some point and I will be both happy and sad to see it come along. Happy for Eve and Roarke, but sad because I have a feeling that would be the winding down of the series.

I do these books almost exclusively in audio because they hold my attention very well. Susan Ericksen does a fabulous job with all the characters, and the emotions that these stories evoke. Having one of these new books released always makes me look forward to business trips... and often factors into my decision to drive instead of fly.