Saturday, September 24, 2016

Audiobook Review: Undead and Unwary by MaryJanice Davidson

Series:     Undead #13
Pub. Date:Oct. 7, 2014
Publisher:Recorded Books
Narrator:Nancy Wu
Length:10 hrs 53 min
Source:One Click Digital

It's been so long since I read the first twelve books of this series, that I was a little worried about trying to get caught up. I have the worst series amnesia if I go to long between installments. But worry not, the ever-awesome MJD did a lot of recapping in this book (complete with footnotes about what incidents happened in which books). As this is an urban fantasy series, albeit a humorous and wacky one, I would recommend that you read all the books in order.

This is a series that I enjoy when I am stressed or in a silly mood. It's just so light-hearted and not-at-all serious that its relaxing for me to listen as I do mindless tasks (like document review or housework). When someone asks me what this series is about, I tell them its like if Cher and Dionne from Clueless lived in a supernatural world where Cher accidentally became vampire queen and Dionne had realm-traveling twin infants.

Queen Betsy, Vampire Queen and co-ruler of Hell, is shoe-obsessed and lovably vapid. She couldn't think in a straight line to save her life, but I happen to like all the ways her mind wanders. It's scarily resembles my own sometimes. In Undead and Unwary, Betsy must make good on her promise to help her sister, Laura (literally, the anti-christ), run Hell. After all, Betsy did kill Satan so its only right that she help fill the power void. But weird things are happening, and I'm not just talking about the Ant (Antonia), Betsy's dread <deceased> stepmother popping up everywhere in Hell. Babies are disappearing, there are sightings of Betsy's dead dad, and the anti-christ is shirking her hellacious responsibilities. I think we are all a bit shocked when Betsy shows some personal growth and starts picking up the slack. I was cheering for her when she shed some toxic family members and got down to business. With all the gang helping to organize the Mall of Hell (fashioned after the Mall of America), future installments are sure to be entertaining.

I love listening to this series in audio because Nancy Wu is a fantabulous narrator. She really brings Betsy's flighty and vapid personality to life. I find myself chuckling quite a bit as I listen, which always earns me strange looks from those around me (surely they should be used to the crazy lady by now!). This series has so many fun and ridiculous characters, and Wu has no problem with the multitude of voices, accents and affectations.  I am so glad that this narrator is also doing MJD's new series, starting with Deja Who. I hope to get it on the review calendar later this year.