Friday, September 16, 2016

Audiobook Review: Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Series:     Wicked Saga #1
Pub. Date:Dec. 8, 2014
Publisher:Tantor Audio
Narrator:Amy Landon
Length:11 hrs 51 min

So Armentrout hooked me pretty early on this one... as soon as she tackled the heat and boob sweat that all us New Orleanians suffer in September (and the majority of the year). She definitely did her research on the setting for this story - modern day New Orleans with supernatural elements, mainly the fae. I love it when stories get New Orleans right, it really helps me to feel like I am taking part in the story to imagine walking the same paths, going to the same places, and seeing the same crazy people.

Our heroine is Ivy Morgan, a flame-haired curly girl suffering the Mufasa-effect that New Orleans has on all frizz-minded locks. I totally felt her pain. She is a unique sort of heroine... college student by day and fae-hunter by night. As a member of the Order, Ivy protects humans from the fae just as her family did before her. To keep the fair folk from feeding on the drunk and debauched around New Orleans, Ivy and other Order members hunt them down with iron stakes and send them back to Faery. Ivy has experienced a lot of loss in her life... two sets of parents (biological and adoptive) plus her boyfriend, so she understandably tries to keep everyone at arm's length these days. But she is a young personable woman, so that is easier said that done (especially when her subconscious seems to want family/friends around her).

Ren Owens waltzes into New Orleans like a guardian angel, at least that is how he appears to Ivy when she opens her eyes to him as she is bleeding out on the steps of the Order. Ren's job in the Order is a bit different from Ivy's but I thought they made a great team. I always love it when a hero looks like an angel, kisses like the devil, and fights like a samurai. I kind of wish Ren would have been a good ol' cajun boy from the bayou, which is what I was expecting when I heard his name the first time. But our Denver boy made a swoonworthy hero, and he had great chemistry with Ivy.

Probably my favorite character of the series, though, is Tink. Tink is a brownie that Ivy rescued several years ago and has been hiding him away in her apartment every since. He is an adorable Ken-doll-sized smartass with wings. He has a sweet,tooth and addiction to Amazon Prime (don't we all?). I would love to have a Tink for myself... I am sure he and Prissy (my furbaby) could get up to all kinds of mischief.

Ivy and Ren's romance moved along at a steady pace with gradual elevations of the the intimacy level. I liked that it wasn't the main focus of the story, but acted as a dual plot along with the incursion of the fae into New Orleans. The mystery/suspense part of the plot was a bit predictable, but still entertaining. I think this book was a good setup for the series and I am looking forward to where the next book, Torn, takes us.

Wicked Saga