Sunday, May 15, 2016

Stackin' the Shelves #33 and Weekly Recap

Welcome back bambinas!
There is a lot going on this weekend!  This is Stackin' the Shelves, the weekly feature where I showcase all the books I have accepted for review, one-clicked, won or borrowed from the library.   I'm also adding a weekly recap to the feature so you can see what I've been up to this week, and what's coming soon. Thanks for stopping by and please shoot me a comment below to let me know what you are up to or what's on your shelf!

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I like talking about books and whatever other nonsense crosses my mind. So I have created a Facebook group, and I would love it if you would join me. I know everyone is probably in other reading type groups... so mine will be no pressure.  Just a place to chat, recommend books, post reviews, etc. I just set everything up today so its pretty empty right now - so please don't let that discourage you!  Here's the linky dink! Come on in and invite your friends!
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I have been in San Antonio for the last week for work... and came home to an ailing puppy.  Well, my dogs are not puppies anymore.  They are 16 years old.  The vet says they are past their life term and is surprised they are still alive. Yikes. So I am doing a round of meds for a week and then will re-evaluate.  But I think I may have to make some very hard decisions soon.  So, because I have been stressed.  I have decided to join the coloring book craze and see if it really does relieve stress.  Of course I could not pick just one though, I went a little nuts.  I bought a pack of markers and coloring pencils... but I think I need more now.  Do you color?  What's the best thing to use? Pencils? Markers? Gel pens?  I didn't think crayons would work so well because these things have such tiny lines and all that.

And of course I always love book mail!  I won a Kindle Fire from Avery Flynn at the RT Convention, and it arrived this week with some signed books and swag from her.  Awesome.  Plus, print ARCS from Hachette Group and St. Martin's Press were a nice surprise!

Happy Reading!