Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Guest ARC Review: Wrong Place, Right Time by Elle Casey

Series:  The Bourbon Street Boys #2
Pub. Date:  May 10, 2016
Publisher:  Montlake Romance
Pages: 330
Format:  eARC
Source:  NetGalley

Everybody is given his own burden to carry, and we’re never given anything we can’t handle. -Dev
With a load of responsibility on her shoulders, Jenny is too afraid to step out of her safety net and explore a new career - much less jump in the dating pool again - but she's also tired of watching life pass her by. As a favor to her sister, Jenny takes a free lancing job for the Bourbon Street Boys Security group, where her first day is less than stellar and she inadvertently ends up being locked in the panic room with a complete hottie.

Jenny is a stressed out, over-thinking, control freak. (I admit it. I completely related to this part of her personality!) As a struggling, single parent to three kids she loves to pieces, a dead end job, and a dead beat ex... Jenny is stuck in a rut. Does she reach out and grab this new opportunity with the Bourbon Boys or will she crawl back and stick her head in the sand?

What can I say about Dev? He's encouraging, modest, super sweet, and a hard-working single parent himself. Dev plays things close to the vest but finds himself admitting things to Jenny with a natural ease. Meeting Jenny and getting locked in the panic room is a stroke of genius on his part...it's keeping her afterwards that's the challenge. 

My favorite scenes have to be Jenny and Dev's kids! They provided hysterical comic relief and small dramas of their own yet they also showed a simple truth that adults sometimes overlook..be kind and help one another. 

The most aggravating bit was Jenny in the beginning! She jumped to conclusions so many times she made my head spin and I almost gave up on the story. Almost. Curiosity about Dev kept me going and I am happy I did-the story picked up speed and turned out to be a sweet, entertaining read. 

Wrong Place, Right Time has a mixture of comedy, momma bear attitude rearing itself, legal breaking and entering, a little suspense, hot and heavy sex in the backseat of a classic car (being 7 ft tall and trying the horizontal tango was quite entertaining to read) and the rewards of parenthood. Although this is the second book in the Bourbon Boy series, I had no trouble following the story. 

I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Reviewed by Julie H. for Bambi Unbridled
Julie is a transplanted military brat that now calls the Midwest home with her own romantic hero, daughter and two furbabies. While she toils the day away in a medical office, she would really rather be reading! Julie loves historical romance, steampunk, romantic suspense, military romance (duh!), paranormal and urban fantasy.  She loves a kickass take-charge heroine, lots of action, and the all-important HEA. Julie can get down with an alpha male, but she does not discount a nerdy hero with a sexy brain.

Julie and Bambi met at the RT Convention where they found themselves standing in many lines, sharing their similar reading interests, and fangirling over attending authors.