Monday, May 2, 2016

Audiobook Mini-Review: First Death by A.D. Starrling

Series:  Seventeen #0.1
Pub. Date:  March 25, 2016
Publisher:  A.D. Starrling
Narrator:  Michael Bower
Length:  45 minutes
Format:  Audiobook
Source:  Author / Audible

If you follow the blog, you will know that I discovered A.D. Starrling last year and fell in love with her brainy writing style. Normally I am not a fan of short stories or reading prequels after I have started the series... but I have enjoyed Starrling's snippets and peeks into the Seventeen world.

First Death gives us a glimpse into the origins of Lucas Soul, the hero of Soul Meaning. We finally get to meet Lucas' father and mother, and see the love they shared for each other and their son. The Soul parents were star-crossed lovers, each from a different sect of the supernatural race of immortals that is featured in this series. Their relationship and son, who is viewed as an abomination, earns them a death warrant, so they have been hiding out in the Alaskan (I think?) wilderness. Where ever it is they are hiding, its cold and there is lots of snow! Anywho, this is the story of how Lucas' family was discovered and his resulting first death. 

If you are a fan of A.D. Starrling, you will enjoy this peek into Lucas' past.  If you have yet to read this wonderful author, I suggest you start with this book, then move onto Soul Meaning.  Starrling chose the perfect narrator for this book.  Michael Bower narrated at a great pace and was able to convey the action in a way that you could feel the adrenaline pumping right along with Lucas during these horrible events.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from A.D. Starrling in exchange for an honest review.

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