Thursday, May 5, 2016

Review: Demon Hunting in Dixie by Lexi George

Series:  Demon Hunting #1
Pub. Date:  Jan. 1, 2011
Publisher:  Lyrical Press
Pages:  385

The Demon Hunting series promises to be a slapstick good time, perfect when you want pure entertainment, classic southernisms, and huge belly laughs.  One southern girl to another, I could totally tell that Lexi George grew up in the South because her characterization  and one-liners were spot on.

Addy Corwin is a single gal in a podunk town in Alabama. She has a stereotypical Southern mama obsessed with social graces, manners and finding her daughter a husband. Addy is the Stephanie Plum below the Mason-Dixon Line. If Plum saw demons. And ran a florist shop. And used words like "rurnt" and said things like: It's hotter'n a goat's butt in a pepper patch. Addy was ridiculously over-the-top Southern. She didn't have a lot of common sense, but she was a good time. I won't say that some of the absurdity didn't get on my nerves... but usually right when I was getting ready to do the eye-roll, something funny happened and the humor eased my annoyance.

Brand is a Dalvahni warrior that appears in Addy's realm hunting the djegrali (demons). The Dalvahni are millenia old warriors known for their lack of affection, but Brand has an instant spark with Addy and saves her life, changing her very DNA. Brand also takes everything very literally, and is honest to a fault. He has no compunction about telling anyone in hearing just what he and Addy have been getting up to... even if what they have been getting up to is no good in a van down by the river.  In other words, wild monkey sex.

Pick this one up when you want something funny and not at all serious. I think Southern girls will get a particular kick out of seeing some of our favorite sayings (or things our grandma used to say) in print. 3.5 stars / 3 flames.