Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review: Little Secrets by Megan Hart

Little Secrets 
by Megan Hart
Pub. Date:  Feb. 2, 2016
Publisher:  Samhain Publishing
Pages:  305
Format:  eARC
Source:  NetGalley

My Rating:  
Sultry Scale:

With a baby on the way and a brand new house, it seems Ginny and her husband, Sean, are on their way to a fresh start. But strange occurrences and financial strain seem determined to keep Ginny and Sean stuck in the past. Ginny begins to believe the house may be haunted...or that her husband might be trying to trick her into thinking so. As Ginny researches the house's former owner and the tragedy that happened there, it becomes clearer than ever that something is in the house with them. The question is, who...or it?

This book is, in one word, FAH-REAKY!!!! Phew. I love Megan Hart. She has written some of the best and most emotional erotic romances that I have read, but I have never tried any of her books in other genres. I wasn't sure at first how I would like it, but I had nothing to worry about. She could probably write the phone book in a way to evoke an emotional connection.

So our protagonist for the story is Virgnia "Ginny" Bohn. A pregnant Ginny and her husband, Sean, have just moved to a new house in preparation for the baby. Ginny has also stopped working and its being very careful as she has a history of unsuccessful pregnancies. One of the plot conflicts for the story is Ginny's marital problems with Sean. Things are not hunky dory in Bohn-ville. There are issues with fidelity, trust and appreciation. Megan did an excellent job at creating an emotional connection to Ginny. I was drawn into her character and felt her frustrations, aggravations, worry, hope and conflict right along with her.

The other plot conflict for the story is the haunting, spooky and weird things happening at the new house. After the previous owner died, Ginny and Sean bought the house from the estranged son. Ginny learns from a neighbor that the owner's daughter disappeared many years ago and no one knows what happened to her. When weird things start happening - is it the ghost of Caroline Miller that is still hanging around? Trust me when I say that this book is in no way predictable. You will think you know what is going on - but its really so far out of left field that you will never guess. I was totally shocked when everything was revealed.

If you are a fan of this genre, I think you will like this book. I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.