Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: All of Me by Lisa Renee Jones

Welcome to Teaser Tuesday!  Lots of blogs post all the new releases each week, so I want to do something a little different.  Instead of posting all the new releases, I am going to feature the one new release that I am most excited about!  

This week, I am most excited about All of Me by Lisa Renee Jones.  

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WHY am I so excited about this book you ask?  Well, because I read the first book in the series (If I Were You ), and I loved it so much that I knew I could not stand to wait each time a new book came out.  So I have been buying and hoarding these books - just waiting for the series to be finished.  Now I can finally re-read the first book and finish the series!!!  And let me tell you, all these months I have not been able to get Chris Merit out of my mind.  I am not saying much about the female lead, Sara... because I hate her.  It should be ME ME ME in her place. 

My bookclub (Chicklits of Nola) will be reading All of Me for our February meeting.  I know they will be hooked as fast as I was.  

The Inside Out series has also been optioned for a cable television show!  Who would you cast as Chris? I would lean toward Chris Hemsworth or Charlie Hunnam myself.

Make sure to read the series in the correct order, which Lisa has supplied for us on her website.

A short excerpt from the book:

His mouth closes down on mine, and the torment in his kiss devours me, sliding deep into my soul where it burrows like everything that is this man. So much so that when he pulls his mouth from mine and whispers, “I love you,” I can barely breathe.

Get your copy today, and stay tuned for my review of the full series!