Monday, February 2, 2015

Man Candy Monday: Devil You Know by Max Henry

As I was walking around the Nola Author Event this weekend, I was reminded of just how much man candy is out there on book covers for our viewing pleasure. So I was inspired to start this weekly blog feature displaying all the tanned, toned and tattooed maleness that I can find. I henceforth deem this Man Candy Monday!  Come back every week to get your eye full. Just remember to keep your mouth closed - I don't want to step in your drool.

Our inaugural eye feast is a new release brought to us by Max Holden. Let us observe a moment of silence in honor of Max' contribution to our future fantasies. (Silence. Silence. Shhhh. STFU! Aaaannnnd we're back.)  Thanks Max, for making my eyes happy on this cold and windy Monday.

Without further ado.... Meet Malice! (Ooh say it again!) *Shiver* (Say it again.) Malice. Malice. MALICE. 

This new release is the first in Max Holden's Butcher Boys series. From the back cover:

How do you define it? I guess it’s up to the individual. Love can be a sweet gesture of flowers on your anniversary. Love can be a meal waiting at home after a long day at work. Love can be a gentle caress. Or the unspoken words in your lover’s eyes.

Love isn’t a backhand, given because of a warm beer. Love isn’t wearing long-sleeves to hide bruises from the ladies at the supermarket.

I thought I’d never experience love. Such emotion didn’t seem to fit with what I had—who I was.

But he stepped in, and showed me his.

He pulled me from the dark abyss I had lost myself to, and showed me the simple things which could bring such joy. Sun on my face. The smell of fresh coffee. Colours in the autumn leaves. All the little things.

He shows me these things, but he doesn’t share in them. He knows happiness, but he doesn’t feel it. He will give love, but never accept it. 

He saved me. Now it’s my turn to return the favour …
This story is a dark contemporary romance between our tortured heroine, Jane, and the sexy-as-sin Malice. Stay tuned for my review, but let's see what we can find out about this cover model first.

The object of our desire today is none other than Tattoo Model, Lance Jones. Check him out on Facebook.  And then go show some support to Max Henry. Buy the damn book - I mean it's the least you could do since you drooled all over it.  Devil You Know

So that's all for today my lovelies. Until next week... look for me on FB, the Twitta, and tell all your friends!