Thursday, February 12, 2015

Author Spotlight and Giveaway: Nicole Reed

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! I am loving my first Mardi Gras since moving to New Orleans. The very first parade that we attempted to go to (long story) took place after the Nola Author Event on January 31st - where I met today's Author Spotlight... Ms. Nicole Reed!

Now, I was unfamiliar with Nicole until I saw her name on the author list for the Nola Author Event. My goal for that event was to try to read one book from each author... and I am so happy to have found some new (to me) favorites!

If you read my post recapping the Nola Author Event, you know I got a ton of swag from for giveaways on the blog... and I want to start now!  I decided to start with Nicole because she was super fun and nice... and she's a damn good author.  I am loving the Forever Inked series.  So I encourage you to check out one or two (or all!) of her books below. You won't regret it.  Don't forget to check out the giveaway linked at the bottom.

Title:  Beautiful Ink
Series: Forever Inked
Genre: New Adult, Romance

I have tattooed that single word on more skin than I care to count. It elicits powerful thoughts and emotions for most people. 
Loving. Caring. 
Supportive. Togetherness. 
But not for me. The word family means so much more. 
Vicious. Harmful. 
Dangerous. Corrupt. 
You can’t run forever from the ones who love you.

Title:  Hell's Ink
Series:  Forever Inked
Genre:  New Adult, Romance

In this Brotherhood you live or die by the three-piece patch. For Hold Dawson, Vice-President of the Hells Highwaymen Motorcycle Club, it’s not just black ink tattooed on his body, but the religion he worships, and the law that governs his life. Nothing else matters. Family by choice and not by blood. More sacred than a shared name. Bound by respect. Loyal to death. 
Unity. Respect. Love. Devotion. Forever. 

But there’s another side to this life. One the President, Hold’s own father, lives and regulates by. 

Merciless. Wrathful. Murderous. Dishonest. Lethal. 
It’s blood in and blood out and only one man gets to be king. 

Other Books by Nicole Reed:



So I hope everyone has checked out one of the above books by Nicole.  And for you super fangirls of the Forever Inked series, like myself, this giveaway is going to allow you to show your support in a much more visual way... with Forever Inked gear!

There will be 2 winners.  (1) Beautiful Inked T-Shirt and autographed Nicole Reed swag; and (2) Forever Inked Hat and autographed Nicole Reed swag.

How do you win?  Visit Bambi Unbridled's Facebook page and follow the instructions on the Post by Bambi_Unbridled!  Easy peasy!  The giveaway will run February 12th through 18th. Winners will be notified via Facebook. US residents only. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook or Nicole Reed.