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Audiobook Review: Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison

Series:     Elder Races #2
Pub. Date:Aug. 2, 2011
Publisher:Tantor Audio
Narrator:Sophie Eastlake
Length:13 hrs
Source:Audible Romance Pkg

Following the death of the dark fae king, the Elder Races storyline continues with fairy princess and heir to the dark throne, Thistle "Tricks" Periwinkle, attempting to claim her rightful place in the fae hierarchy. Unfortunately, that proves to be a life-threatening feat for the otherwise beloved Tricks, and she finds herself at the center of an assassination plot. Luckily all those years in public relations for Cuelebre Enterprises made Tricks the darling of the Elder Races and earned her some very tough and powerful friends. 

Tricks is such a fun and relatable heroine. Her normally bubbly personality and fun-loving attitude is really put to the test and her frustration is expressed in the most entertaining of ways. From temper tantrums in alleys to drunken singing, I could totally relate to her reaction when life was handing her lemons. Sometimes you just need to yell and scream and stomp your 4" heels in frustration! Tricks was also a genuinely nice person and made an effort to let everyone know that they were appreciated and respected... well, everyone except our hero who seemed to be the neanderthal who broke the camel's back. Most of the time Tricks didn't know whether to scream at him or rip his clothes off... and both seemed to happen in equal measure.

Tiago Black Eagle is such a unique hero, a thunderbird who was once worshiped as a god in Egypt. I can't think of any characters similar to our Tiago in any other paranormal romance that I have read, and his characteristics are so awesome! Known as Dr. Death and wielding lightning and storms, Tiago could be an uber scary dude. But his hard edges were softened by his vulnerability when it came to our heroine - and I felt bad for him when he couldn't quite handle the emotions that rose up when the mating instincts took over. Otherwise, Tiago was all alpha and he was determined to protect Tricks from all harm. Given her small stature, she was surprisingly hard to protect. But then when you are dealing with the Elder Races, you never know what kind of forms and abilities you will be facing off against.

Tricks and Tiago have known each other for 200 years, so their relationship was not instalove. They go from antagonizing one another to somewhat "mean flirting" to hot and heavy at a nice pace that worked with the length of the story. I liked that Tiago's alpha side was balanced with a caring side for Tricks... and I liked that Tricks didn't put up a ton of resistance, even when she thought they could never be together.

Some of our favorite secondary characters re-appear in this book, namely Rune and Ariel. However we also meet new and interesting characters including an ancient and powerful vampire who can walk in the sun. I know Rune and Carling are up next, and I am looking forward to hearing their story all over again.

The re-read continues.

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