Friday, January 19, 2018

Audiobook Review: Hardcore Twenty-Four by Janet Evanovich

Series:     Stephanie Plum #24
Pub. Date:Nov. 14, 2017
Publisher:Random House Audio
Narrator:Lorelei King
Length:6 hrs 8 min

I had so much fun with Stephanie and Lula in this latest installment of the Stephanie Plum series. After the last year of extreme political burnout, I was a bit worried when Stephanie and Lula started taking on paid protesters and snowflake villains, but Evanovich brought our current reality to life in such a humorous way that I found myself laughing out loud as I was driving along home for the holidays.

As usual, Stephanie is hunting down FTAs in her bid to pay her rent. One of the troublesome miscreants in this story is Zero Slick, a gender-confused drug dealer seeking fame and fortune. Slick's latest gambit sees him producing a documentary about zombies that have been terrorizing Trenton, New Jersey in their quest for brains. The search for Slick sees Stephanie lurking in graveyards, attending ridiculous protests, and hiding out in Rangeman. And despite Stephanie's on-again relationship with Morelli, we have Ranger and Diesel hanging around to heat things up.

I had a blast with Stephanie and Lula's antics in this one, and I think I could listen again and be just as entertained. As a firm member of Team Ranger, I am also happy to have him appear and engage in some dangerous flirting with our girl... but I do wish she would pick a side. I'm disappointed in Diesel though. I don't like his flirty engagement and behavior with Stephanie given his pseudo relationship with Lizzy in the Lizzy & Diesel series. 

Grandma Mazur is entertaining as always and Stephanie has to go to extremes to intercede in Grandma's schemes this time. This leads us to a new addition to the story, Henry, who I hope we will see more of in the future.

I listen to this series solely in audio because Lorelei King does such a fabulous job with all the characters. She totally brings each character to life, but my favorites are Lula and Grandma Mazur... and she pegs Ranger's "babe" to a T. If you like audiobooks, you can't go wrong with this series/narrator.

I recommend this book to anyone who needs some humor to alleviate the political burnout, particularly if you get annoyed by paid protesters and the like.

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