Tuesday, January 16, 2018

ARC Review: Scoring with the Wrong Twin by Naima Simone

Series:     WAGS #1
Pub Date:Jan 15, 2018
Length:236 pgs

Scoring With the Wrong Twin is the first book in the new WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends) series by Naima Simone, and the whole series promises to be a steamy page-turner. Our current and future heroes are members of the Washington Warriors football enterprise and the best of friends. This hot bunch surely turns heads where ever they congregate, and I certainly wouldn't mind the cold and rain of Seattle if I had the chance to snag one of these warriors.

Zepherin Black is 6'6", 280lbs, and looks like Shemar Moore with a shaved head. I think I could just stop right there and all of you would be half in love with Zeph. He's also a Louisiana boy with close ties to his grandmama in New Orleans. At 28 years old, Zeph has been in the game for six years and is serving as the tight end for the Washington Warriors. Besides being sex on a stick, Zeph is charitable, driven and he loves real hard. I really liked Zeph. He wasn't dark and broody, but a bad relationship in his past made him somewhat vulnerable and his number one rule these days is that he demands honesty. Zeph has been burned by so many deceitful people in the past that he has a hard time trusting these days, and its given him a bit of a chip on his shoulder. I would have no problem helping him chisel that chip right off to get to the loyal hard-loving man underneath.

Sophia Cruz is not your typical heroine. She has blue-tipped hair, tattoos, piercings, and a serious love for 80s movies. Sophia is a self-professed geek and develops apps for a living. She also has a twin sister and Sophia has always been the less desirable sister. She is carrying some baggage and self-esteem issues from being bullied as a teenager, and she didn't seem to realize how beautiful she was. I liked Sophia's character. We see her struggling with deception and morality in the story, and I sympathized with her plight.

The couple meet during a photoshoot where Zeph thinks that Sophia is her twin sister (the supermodel) and she does not correct his assumption. The chemistry between the two is off the charts and things get hot and heavy fairly quickly. What was supposed to be a casual one-night thing gets stretched out and the lie only gets more complicated the longer Sophia lets it go. Normally I loathe deception in my romances, but this one didn't bother me for some reason. Sophia was not lying to Zeph for personal gain, and she was actually being herself with him, so I think that helped. However, given Zeph's one demand (honesty, always), you know that things have the potential to explode. And this couple was already explosive together (chemistry-wise). 

Only one thing bothered me in this story and that was one small scene. Naima - how in the heck with the height of our two characters can that girl fit in the floorboard of that SUV to do what she did??? She had to be a serious contortionist... and I may or may not have had to go out and look at my own SUV to see if *that* would really be possible with a 6'6" hero and 5'11" heroine. LOL

If you like sports romance or contemporary romance in general, I think you will like Scoring With the Wrong Twin. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this story that I received from the publisher, Entangled.

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