Monday, April 10, 2017

Audiobook Review: Dragon Squeeze by Eve Langlais

Series:     Dragon Point #2
Pub. Date:April 4, 2017
Publisher:Tantor Audio
Narrators:Chandra Skyye
Length:6 hrs 14 min

Eve Langlais' audiobooks are perfect for me to pick up on a Saturday when I'm cleaning the house and running errands. The 6 hour length is the perfect amount of time to keep me busy and distracted from the mundane tasks and unpleasant chores. And... dragons! Langlais' dragons are arrogant, self-absorbed, obsessive, matriarchal and funny!

Adi Silvergrace is a silver dragon, twin to Aimi, who was the heroine of the first book of the series, Becoming Dragon.  Adi is a little more trendy than Aimi was... with pastel-hued hair and a nose ring to offset her lithe form and fiery green eyes. Much like Aimi, Adi is single-minded, obsessed with her hoard (and twinkies), and trying to escape the fate of all unmarried female dragons of a certain age. She was a fun, if shallow, heroine. 

Dexter Kline is an uncommonly large tech guy. I had a hard time picturing a man of his size cast into the role of tech geek who still lives with his mother... but there is more to Dex than meets the eye. He is a hacker-for-hire and doesn't quite know how to handle the pink-haired dynamo that won't take no for an answer. I liked Dex and and his grudging acquiescence to Adi's determination. He was somewhat mysterious, and I would have liked more of his back story to learn exactly who and what he was. There are hints in the story, but I don't think his true profession was ever fleshed out (or maybe I got distracted and missed it).

Adi believes that Bittech and Parker are still up to their old tricks, experimenting on humans and shapeshifters alike for dastardly purposes. She is convinced that the Lytropia Institute is a cover for Parker, and she is determined to discover their secrets. Cozying up to the human IT guy for Lytropia is a bonus - especially since he would make such a yummy addition to her hoard. Adi came on to Dex very strong, and he was able to resist her at first. But things heated up quickly and he found himself seduced by the assertive woman, despite knowing that something wasn't quite right. I thought the relationship was fun and the banter was funny at times... but don't expect a lot of emotional depth with these books. There is steam and humor, but not much emotional connection. I don't think the dragons are capable of much emotion, other than greed and superiority. 

The story kept me entertained and I was looking forward to the investigation of Lytropia. However I felt the conflict resolution of this story was weak, and the story felt unfinished. I hope that the next installment provides some continuation of the story arc to resolve this issue.

Chandra Skyye is a good narrator - she is able to switch between male and female voices with ease... and she pulls off the snark very well. I have listened to a few series she has narrated and I never have any complaints.

I recommend this book to fans of dragons, paranormal romance and light fun reads. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this audiobook that I received from the publisher, Tantor Audio.