Monday, August 22, 2016

ARC Review: Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh

Series:     Psy-Changeling #15.5
Pub. Date:Aug. 23, 2016
Length:400 pages

Echo of Silence
I was super excited about this story because I have always been curious about Stefan, the fractured arrow working in the deep sea. Tazia was a perfect fit for Stefan, and Nalini did a great job at drawing the reader into a connection with Tazia's character. Tazia is estranged from her family, and I got caught up in the strife she felt over being an independent woman and being a dutiful daughter in her culture. We also learned why Stefan's silence has never been perfect, and why he was hidden away in the deep sea. I loved this couple so much that I really wish they would have had an entire book. I liked Tazia's family and would have loved to know more about them, and I would like to see how Stefan and Tazia are operating now that Silence has fallen.

Dorian has always been one of my favorite characters, but I was just lamenting as I read Allegiance of Honor that I wish I could have remembered more of his story. I was actually planning a re-read for later this year.  But this short story was a great refresher and let us spend some time with Dorian as a child, a sentinel and a mate. As a latent, Dorian was unable to shift into his leopard form. We saw a glimpse into how he coped with that as a child, and how he worked harder than everyone else and earned his sentinel spot. My favorite part of the story was after Dorian had shifted for the first time and told Lucas and the rest of his team... happy tears for sure.

Partners in Persuasion / Flirtation of Fate
Both of these stories focused on leopards and wolves that I do not recall from earlier books. They may have had cameos in the series, but my memory isn't that great. Felix is the first submissive male wolf that we have had as a hero, and it was interesting to see him paired with a dominant female leopard as a mate. I liked how gentle Dezi was with Felix, and it was interesting to see the tables turned and the female have to do the courting. Kenji and Garnet were both dominant wolves, and they have something like a second chance romance happening. The tables were turned in their situation as well, as the main inhibitor in their early relationship involved Kenji. Without giving the plot away, the situation between Kenji and Garnet is more often reversed in romance novels. While I was not as invested in these last two stories, I did enjoy the unique posturing.

I received an advanced copy of this book from Berkley via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.