Friday, July 1, 2016

Freebie Friday Review: Hot as Hell by Julie Ann Walker

Series:     Deep Six #1
Pub. Date:June 1, 2016
Publisher:Sourcebooks Casablanca
Length:139 pages
Freebie Date:June 1, 2016

This prequel is a quick intro to the series - a very quick intro. The story is only about 35% of the Kindle file and the rest is a sneak peak into Devil and the Deep. So this is a perfect story to read over your lunch break or anywhere you have a short wait.

In this story we meet a SEAL team operating in Pakistan to protect the American Embassy and Ambassador. Soon after this mission, the guys will be hanging up their uniforms and entering the civilian life, which is I believe what we will see through the rest of the series (civilian life, that is). 

The suspense in this short story was pretty good given the length we were working with. Terrorists (the TTP) have attacked the embassy and our heroine, Harper Searcy, barely makes it into the panic room. The SEAL team must race to take out the terrorists and rescue Harper... and the cowardly ambassador.  The rescue effort is a little more urgent for one team member, Michael "Mad Dog" Wainwright, who has a serious romantic interest in Harper.  

There was a lot packed into this story little story, including sexytime in the midst of danger. I am looking forward to the rest of the series given the amount of action packed into the prequel.