Friday, December 8, 2017

Audiobook Review: Dragon Foretold by Eve Langlais

Series:     Dragon Point #4
Pub. Date:Sept. 12, 2017
Publisher:Tantor Audio
Narrator:Chandra Skyye
Length:6 hrs 37 min

I went into this book expecting it to be the last of the series with our golden Dragon Foretold. However, Eve Langlais has gotten good at surprising twists that extend the series past the anticipated series arc. If you like these kinds of twists, I urge you to try her Space Gypsy Chronicles.

We met Sue-Ellen in previous books, and I remembered her as Brandon's bratty sister. The one who rebuffed him cruelly when he came to rescue Sue-Ellen from her sadistic Uncle Parker. But now that Parker is dead, Sue-Ellen is still hanging around, staying for the sake of young love, but starting to chafe at the bit of the situation to which she obligated herself. Of course just when Sue-Ellen is ready to return to the bosom of her reptilian family, things go awry, as they tend to do. For the most part, I liked Sue-Ellen as a heroine. There were a couple of times where she ran or turned away from our hero, which I'm not a fan of... but those instances were kept to a minimum and didn't set the tone for the romance.

Our hero is a golden dragon, with all the dragony traits that we have seen in the previous books of the series. Being the dragon foretold has certainly boosted our guy's ego into the stratosphere, not that other dragons are really any better. So we have some diverging interest with the dragons... world domination on one hand and his all important hoard (i.e. Sue-Ellen), on the other. While our dragons are not warm and fuzzy, they are possessive and steamy when it comes to their mates. I did like our hero, but I don't want to say too much about his character and give away the twisty turns in this plot.

The silver sect of dragons from the previous stories do come back into play in Dragon Foretold, so you can expect all of the entertaining antics from the previous book. Then add in Brandon and his protective side over his little sister, and you have mucho testosterone flying around. 

The romance moved along at a steady clip as well, but this one seemed a bit less steamy than the earlier books. That could be because we had a virginal heroine and a hero who was dealing with being the dragon king. So for my smutty followers, know that this one is only offering up one major instance of sexytime, and the rest is left to your imagination. That didn't bother me and I think I liked this story the best so far of the series.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this audiobook that I received from the publisher, Tantor Audio.

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