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Audiobook Review: Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

Series:     Elder Races #1
Pub. Date:July 18, 2011
Publisher:Tantor Audio
Narrator:Sophie Eastlake
Length:12 hrs 59 min
Source:Audible Romance Pkg

I got behind on this series and as I tried to get caught up, I realized that I didn't remember the world building sufficiently, so I'm doing a quick re-read of the earlier books. I'm so glad that I did because I realized very quickly how much I had forgotten! And how much I loved the growly Dragos and luminous Pia. Because I'm re-reading the series and short on time, the reviews will be short and sweet.

Pia Giovanni is a lonely young woman, living alone in the city and finding herself in a bind after trusting the wrong guy. That is Pia finds herself on the run after stealing from the hoarde of Dragos, the biggest baddest scary dude/dragon around. I really liked Pia. She is a unique half-breed (human and wyr)... so unique that she has spent her whole life learning how to hide and not really realizing what her wyrkind self is. I liked that she was quietly a kickass heroine without hanging it all out there. I like the strong and capable heroines, but I like some diversity in how they present themselves to others. Pia's quiet strength was a nice change. 

Dragos Cuelebre is a very old dragon who has grown bored with life. When a beautiful blonde dares to steal from him and has the audacity to leave behind a note, Dragos is not bored for the first time in millenia. He hunts down Pia with a single-minded determination and is caught up in an instant attraction that brings all his protective instincts to the forefront. Dragos is a great growly hero, and everything you would expect in a dragon. He is an arrogant alpha with an army of dangerous wyrkind at his beck and call. 

This is a fated mates story, so the relationship was hot and heavy early on - and that was just fine with me. I like the fated mates trope and the instant lust and love is so much easier to understand when you are dealing with animal instincts. Pia and Dragos are perfect together. She stands up to him like no one else dares, and he treats her like his precious hoarde. 

The world building in this series is partially urban and partially fantasy. Dragos and Pia live in New York, but the world has pockets of the Other World, which is similar to Faery. This story has awesome secondary characters which make up our heroes and heroines of later installments, and I love all the different breeds of wyr. Dragons and griffons and thunderbirds, oh my!

This book was available via the Audible Romance Package as of the date of this review.

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