Thursday, July 20, 2017

Guest Review by Julie: Follow Me by Tiffany Snow

Series:     Corrupted Hearts #1
Pub. Date:Oct 4, 2016
Publisher:Montlake Romance
Length:295 pages

China is a smart, socially awkward, computer programmer whose OCD tendencies border severe. Most of the time, I got a kick of her personality. Sometimes her extreme logic was annoying though and I couldn't decide if it helped or hindered her in some situations. 

Jackson is China's sexy boss and is as much a child prodigy as she was. After four years of working together he decides to admit he's been attracted to her during a big project. I'm trying to decide if he's genuinely attracted to her of if he has some other motive not revealed yet. Either way, I'm not totally sold on his feelings for China. 

Clark sounds like a Henry Cavill look-a-like and has the right lines to lure China in..then inserts his foot in mouth during a very delicate moment between China and himself. His recent move next door was questionable, especially when China's life spirals out of control shortly afterwards, but it comes in handy when China needs help. I thought Clark and China had a decent connection, but I'm still trying to decide their relationship potential too! 

I'm on the fence about their relationships. I wasn't convinced of the connection between China/Jackson or China/Clark from any angle. Maybe it was the adrenaline induced moments, but neither guy was completely believable with their intentions and feelings. 

As a series starter, Follow Me was a good read. While the romance portion was so-so, the suspense was appealing! Secret government project, terrorist links, debating who the bad guys really are-those moments were well done and captured my attention! I'm looking forward to the next book in the series!

Reviewed by Julie H. for Bambi Unbridled
Julie is a transplanted military brat that now calls the Midwest home with her own romantic hero, daughter and two furbabies. While she toils the day away in a medical office, she would really rather be reading! Julie loves historical romance, steampunk, romantic suspense, military romance (duh!), paranormal and urban fantasy.  She loves a kickass take-charge heroine, lots of action, and the all-important HEA. Julie can get down with an alpha male, but she does not discount a nerdy hero with a sexy brain.

Julie and Bambi met at the RT Convention where they found themselves standing in many lines, sharing their similar reading interests, and fangirling over attending authors.

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