Monday, January 23, 2017

ARC Review: His Undeniable Secret by Shayla Black

Pub. Date:Jan. 23, 2017
Length:45 pages

Man... how to review such a short story. Let's try this... smut smut smut smut smuuuutttty smut smut. My smutty friends will jump right on this little story. It's hard to call it a story because, let's face it, there just wasn't a lot of meat to grab on to. Well, there was. But it wasn't the meat of the story. This was a super quick read, only about 15 minutes, that is perfect if you are looking for some inspiration before hitting the sheets.

The scene takes place over the course of one night... with a short epilogue before you hit The End. You have to use your own imagination for the back story and character development. Just imagine that you know Kayla and she has had a secret crush on her brother's best friend, Oliver, for a very long time. Think of the longing and disappointment you felt when you had that type of crush as a young adult. When Oliver is about to walk out of Kayla's life forever, she has to make some quick decisions on just how far she will go to get him to stay. What follows is a steamy night between previously unrequited lovers.

Shayla Black has always done the steam really well... and this one was not lacking in heat. However I did miss having an actual story. Black usually has such complex and interesting characters, and its been a while since I have read anything by her, so it made me nostalgic for the Wicked Lovers series. Luckily I don't have long to wait for her next full length novel, Holding on Tighter

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this short story that I received from the author.