Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Audiobook Review: Shopping For a Billionaire #1 by Julia Kent

Series:     Shopping for a
Billionaire #1
Pub. Date:August 1, 2014
Publisher:Prosaic Press
Narrator:Tanya Eby
Length:2 hrs 31 min
Source:Author / Audible

This is a quick mini review for the fun and flirty intro to Julia Kent's serial, Shopping for a Billionaire. This is a romantic comedy serial currently available in eleven parts. As I listened to the Audible version of this first episode, let me quickly say that the narrator, Tanya Eby, did a fabulous job. She had good energy, did a great job conveying the comedy and levity of the story, and gave distinct voices and personalities to each character.

Episode one of the serial is really more of an intro to our characters. The heroine is Shannon Jacoby, a twenty-four year old marketing coordinator for a mystery shopping firm. She has been experiencing a dry spell in her love life and has since been getting dating, sexual and marriage advice from everyone and her mama. Shannon was upbeat and funny and an overall likable heroine, as long as you weren't hoping for someone too serious. Shannon was also a plus-size girl if that is something you look for in a heroine. I didn't notice any major body image or self-esteem issues in this first episode though she does have an encounter with a Botox Barbie.

During a mystery shopping escapade, Shannon has a comical run-in with our hero, future billionaire Declan McCormick. Declan has his Christian Grey going on, sporting an air of wealth with his cashmere suit.  Yes, I said cashmere suit... which Shannon promptly splashes with toilet water. There is an instant spark between the klutz and cashmere, but this first episode doesn't offer much by way of relationship building. Mostly we are getting the early stages of attraction and the first date, including a run-in with Shannon's social-climbing ex and the aforementioned Botox Barbie.

This was a fun start to the serial. The comedy was entertaining without being over the top, and the relationship between our main couple shows a lot of promise. I picked up the boxed set of the first five episodes, so I look forward to seeing what kind of situations Shannon gets in as the story progresses.

I received a free copy of this audiobook from Julia Kent in exchange for an honest review.