Monday, June 13, 2016

ARC Review: Allegiance of Honor by Nalini SIngh

Series:     Psy-Changeling #15
Pub. Date:June 14, 2016
Publisher:Berkley Publishing
Length:497 Pages

This was such a nice catch up for the series - I had a great time revisiting with some of my favorite couples from the past and meeting their kids, cubs and pups (and pupcubs)! I'm having a hard time focusing my review because so much was going on (in a good way). We didn't follow any specific couple in this installment but instead got to spend a little time with all of them.

The Trinity Accord is still in its infancy and the three groups (Humans, Changelings and Psy) are working hard to shore up the fragile bonds. The Consortium is working in contravention of the Trinity Accord, trying to sabotage it at every turn. I am dying to know who the "Architect" of the Consortium is. I can't tell if the clue we got in this book was genuine or a sneaky misdirection, but I love the way Nalini gives us time with the villain so we can see how he works and thinks. The main plot of the Consortium in this story is to obtain possession/control of Naya Hunter... the first ever Psy-Changeling child, daughter of Lucas and Sascha Hunter. Naya is a symbol of this newly integrated society Trinity is working toward, so people are always going to target her. With Naya as a target, Lucas and Sascha featured prominently in this book. They are such a power couple with their own protective instincts when it comes to their daughter.  

Now, I am not a kid person at all... so its very surprising to me that some of my favorite characters of this series are the children! Nalini writes wonderful children. They are all so precocious and cute and endearing and mischievous. Naya, just a year old, is no exception. I particularly loved when she was a chatterbox, and when shifted into her leopard form. The twin leopard cubs, Julian and Roman, continued to be curious imps. Psy children, Marlee and Ben, are growing up! And I can't forget the pupcubs - Riley and Mercy are bringing the first ever leopard/wolf litter into the changeling world. 

The mysterious water changelings continued to play a big part in this installment. The water changelings are getting help from the Trinity to locate and rescue another of their abducted packmates, Leila. I am very intrigued by the water changelings, particularly Malachai. I hope he gets a book because I can't wait to find out what kind of water changeling he is. I almost wonder if they can take multiple forms, wouldn't that be handy?!?

We got the backstory of Xavier and Nina in an interesting way in this installment... letters that Father Xavier wrote to Nina were interspersed throughout the book. They were the only "new" pairing in this story... but I felt sufficient time was spent on their story to satisfy my curiosity about the couple. Though spending time with all the past characters/couples made me want to go back and re-read certain books in the series... particularly Dorian's and Dev's. I am also curious what couples we will see paired up next. I have a feeling Bo, leader of the Human Alliance, will get his own book. I am definitely looking forward to the continuation of this story arc.

Thoughts as I was reading:


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0.0%"Year 2082... I'm not sure if I realized what years we were operating in before. Maybe in the earlier books."
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1.0%"We're going to get to see the Trinity Accord in action in this book."
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6.0%"Malachai sounds like a cool dude. I bet he has an interesting story."
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16.0%"Naya is so stinkin' cute!"
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35.0%"Oooh face-off between Hawke and Ming!"
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41.0%"I don't remember Dorian's story. I want to go back and read it."
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49.0%"Getting a little misty over here."
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50.0%"Have Dev and Katya had a book? I don't remember it either." 4 comments
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70.0%"Heroes, I've learned, don't always wear white. Sometimes they come from the darkness, shadows among shadows. "
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I received an advanced copy of this book from Berkley Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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