Thursday, February 2, 2017

Guest Review by Julie: Mistletoe Mischief by J.M. Madden

Series:     Lost and Found #5.5
Pub. Date:Jan. 27, 2017
Length:117 pages

Mistletoe Mischief was a belated Christmas surprise! Included with the novella are two holiday updates. One was for Gabe and Julie (Reclaiming The Seal) and the second was with Zeke and Ember (Embattled Minds). And let me just say, I had no qualms dropping money just for Zeke's snippet! (Seriously, I bought Mistletoe Mischief because Madden said the magic word: Zeke!)


Roger battles his insecurities about his prosthetic while Cass has some issues with her body image. They connect at first glance, and with the snowstorm helping, get to have sexy times and a few deep conversations to explore this new, slightly fragile relationship. 

Roger and Cassandra's story is a quick read at only four chapters, but in a short space of time, Madden manages to create a charming holiday story! I thought Roger and Cassandra spent too much time dwelling on their insecurities, making it a little difficult to believe the quickness of their feelings. However, being a firm believer in love at first sight-I met my husband and was engaged in two months-I easily overlooked it and just enjoyed the feel good story! 


Caught up in moving to a new place and adapting to new jobs, Julie and Gabe are like ships passing in the night. In an adorably clueless kind of way, Gabe decides he's going all out for Christmas gifts on the occasion of their first Christmas together. While wandering the store, Gabe meets someone who causes him to have an epiphany about his emotional state. 

I liked the cute simplicity to this snippet! It was sweet and charming with just enough emotion to appreciate the meaning behind the gifts.


A year since he met Ember and her son Drew, Zeke has proposed and is looking forward to Christmas with his new family. Zeke is determined to take his new role as step dad head-on, but a few hiccups with the gifts leaves him slightly discouraged. With one simple comment from a pint sized friend, Zeke discovers his fears are completely unfounded.

Zeke is my absolute favorite character in the entire Lost and Found series! He's like the Beast of the series with his scarred physique, but his adorable stutter, and determined efforts to beat the odds, keeps him on my all time favorite heroes list! With this piece, Madden reminds me why I love this guy. She gives us the joys-or curses-of parenthood while assembling toys late in the night, holiday steam with Zeke and Ember, and an emotional moment in Zeke and Drew's relationship that brought a tear to my eye! Obviously, I loved this heartwarming glimpse into their first Christmas together!