Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Indie Wednesday Review: Greed by Gemma Brocato

Series:     Goddesses of Delphi #3
Pub. Date:Dec. 6, 2016
Length:207 pages
Source:Kindle Unlimited

The Goddesses of Delphi series by Gemma Brocato has a wonderfully unique storyline featuring the nine Muses, the daughters of Zeus and Gaia. The Muses are facing off against Pierus and his daughters in their bid to overthrow Olympus. Pierus was a jealous lower God, who also had nine daughters known as the Pierides. Pierus and his daughters were always trying to subvert Zeus and, as a result, Zeus turned the Pierides into magpies. It is this story that Gemma has taken and given a unique modern twist. The Muses now have mortal life spans, to be reborn again throughout eternity with all their prior memories in tact. Olympus is being run by Zeus as if it were an international corporation, and all of this is taking place in modern day Delphi. 

The heroine of this third installment of the series is Polyhymnia Thanos, Muse of Divine Hymns, Poetry, Dance, Pantomime, Eloquence, Agriculture, and sometimes, Geometry. She has inspired people throughout history, but her fondest memory may be of Leonardo Da Vinci and his drawing of the Vitruvian Man. In her current incarnation, Polly is an investigative reporter focusing mainly on the financial field. I didn't feel like we got to know Polly as well as we did her sisters in the prior books. She seems to be of even temperament most of the time, but she also seemed more afraid to deal with this challenge. I have no complaints about her character. She kept a level head, didn't have any major insecurities, and she rubbed along quite well with the hero.

The challenges issued by Pierus require the Muses to work with a mortal man to solve the catastrophe that Pierus creates. The mortal who fate has chosen for Polly is actually a family friend, Ian Sommers. Ian is a scientist and researcher at the Eos Corporation, working to create an organic solution for waste removal in third world countries. Ian matched Polly perfectly. He was smart and intelligent, but he was also a team player and ready to jump into the relationship and saving the world with both feet.

Polly and Ian were friends before becoming romantically involved, so they fell into the relationship quickly, but it felt natural and right. I was ecstatic at Ian's acceptance of the divine beings... probably because I have been sick and in a prickly mood so my drama tolerance is very low at the moment. So I liked that things went smoothly and our couple was able to work on the challenge rather than bicker with each other.

I think I have been confused on where this story is taking place. I was under the impression that it was in modern day Delphi, Greece on Mount Parnassus. However this story seems to take place in a fictional Delphi in the United States. When the American aspects started coming out... discussions of FBI, FDA, EPA, First Amendment, etc... it threw me out of the story. There is a Delphi in Indiana, but that doesn't seem very divine. I don't know why - but it just seemed more magical when I thought it was in Greece. 

There are still six sisters with outstanding challenges, so I look forward to what kind of disasters can be averted in the future.

This book was available on Kindle Unlimited as of the date of this review.