Rating System

My rating system is totally subjective.  You will rarely find me comparing one book to another in terms of the rating. My rating is based on how much I enjoyed the book, or how it made me feel, at the time that I read it. I will include the reasons I liked or disliked the book in my review.  

Star Rating: 

This book is amazing and a must read.  I will recommend it to all my friends.
This book was great, but some small thing was missing or annoyed me.
Good book and still recommendable to my friends.
I did not really enjoy the book, but my OCD kept me reading.
I did not like the book.  I struggled to finish it and it made me ranty.
DNFThe book was not for me.  I abandoned it before finishing.

Sultry Scale:

Because I read mainly in the romance genre, I like to know what kind of heat/steam/sultry sex factor a book has.  For that reason, I also give books a rating on the Sultry Scale.

Multiple partners, BDSM or backdoor sex.
Steamy sex (somewhat kinky or descriptive).
More plot than sex, but it happens once or twice. Vanilla.
One sex scene mostly behind closed doors (without much description).
No sex at all, but may have kissing, sexual tension or innuendo.
No heat.