Read All the Books Challenge!

Read All the Books

I love this challenge that Anna over at Herding Cats has come up with because there are so many authors out there for which I am carrying a huge backlist. The deal for this challenge is that the author must have published at least 45 books... and you gotta read dem! Read all the books!  It took me a while to decide on an author, and I am still gonna cheat a little itty bit.  First, I am picking Christine Feehan for my main challenge.  But then I am going to do a secondary re-read challenge where I re-read all of Kristen Ashley's books so that I can review them for the blog.

My ReviewMy Review

Leopard People
My ReviewMy Review


Drake Sisters

Sea Haven

Shadow Series

Rock Chick

Colorado Mountain

Dream Man

Unfinished Heroes

The 'Burg

My Review

My ReviewMy Review


The Three

Ghosts and Reincarnation

My Review